Police Station

Police Station

Following arrest or voluntary attendance at a Police station the detained person (DP) will be taken to the Custody Suite and booked in with the Custody Sergeant. Rights will be given including that of having a solicitor. It is essential that a solicitor is requested. Many people say they had not requested a solicitor because they did not think they had done anything wrong. This is often the case when a solicitor was most definitely needed. The interview process is a crucial part of the subsequent procedure. Any person being interviewed in the police station is entitled to the services of a solicitor free of charge. If the DP already knows a criminal defence solicitor, he can ask for them by name. Alternatively he can ask for a duty solicitor. In either case the Custody Sergeant will contact the Defence Solicitor Call Centre and, as all solicitors have a unique PIN, you can request us by name anywhere in the country.

The DP’s solicitor will advise on how to conduct the interview and be present during it (except for some minor offences).

The DP can be held for 24 hours unless a Superintendant authorises a further 12 hours. After that the court can order a further 72 hours. The DP’s solicitor will be able to make comments on his behalf during any of these stages and ensure procedure is being followed.

After conclusion of all interviews there are various possible outcomes as follows:

Police Bail

If the police need more time to conclude their investigations they can bail the DP to return to the Police Station at a later date and time. This can be with or without conditions.


If the DP has admitted the offence and has not been in trouble before, the Police may decide to offer him a caution which is recorded against his name but is not a conviction.


If the police feel that they have sufficient evidence to charge the DP they can do so. The DP will either be bailed to appear in court at a later date and time, with or without conditions, or will be retained in custody and placed before the next available court.

Report for Summons

In less serious cases the police could indicate that in due course the DP will receive a summons in the post with a court date.

No Further Action – NFA

If the police decide they have insufficient evidence to take the matter further they will indicate no further action.

Did you know?

Of all the regions in England and Wales, London has the highest level of recorded crime at 124 offences per 1,000 population.