Offences of Dishonesty

Offences of Dishonesty

Theft (Either Way)

This is the dishonest taking of someone else’s property with the intention of keeping it or treating it as one’s own.

Obtaining by Deception (Either Way)

This is the doing or saying something false which results in the obtaining of a benefit/advantage which would not have been gained had the recipient of the action/words known them to be false.

Handling/Receiving (Either Way)

This is the handling/receiving of property knowing or believing that property to be stolen.

Going Equipped (Either Way)

This is being out in public carrying items which could be used to commit a crime but no crime has yet happened.

Making Off Without Payment (Either Way)

This is leaving somewhere, usually a petrol station, without paying. This is different to shoplifting which is theft.

Robbery (Indictable)

This is theft of property from another coupled with the use of violence.

Taking Without Consent – TWOC (Summary)

This is when a person takes another’s vehicle without their permission.

Aggravated TWOC (Either Way)

This is the committing of a TWOC when, at the time, either damage is caused to the vehicle or the vehicle is driven dangerously.

Did you know?

45 per cent of all recorded robberies in England and Wales in 2006/07 occurred in London.