Offences Against Property

Offences Against Property

Burglary (Either Way)

This is the entering a commercial/domestic building without permission and, usually, stealing property.

Aggravated Burglary (Indictable)

This is the commission of a burglary whilst in possession of a weapon.

Criminal Damage (Summary – below £5000. Either Way – above £5000)

This is deliberately or recklessly (see above in assaults for explanation of these terms) causing damage to property belonging to someone else.

Arson (Either Way)

This is the causing of criminal damage, recklessly or intentionally, by use of fire.

Arson with Intent/Being Reckless

This is arson when the person starting the fire either intends to cause danger to the lives of people nearby or is reckless (ie does not consider or ignores the risk) as to whether danger to lives will be caused.

Using Violence to Gain Entry

This usually relates to someone breaking into a property that they are allowed to be in normally. It is not burglary but at the time they were not able to get in. An example would be in a domestic situation where one partner has locked the other out and the locked out partner uses violence to get back in again.

Did you know?

Nationally the number of knife/sharp instrument-related deaths fell from 270 to 252 (7%) in 2008-09 compared with 2007-08 (police recorded crime).