Drugs Offences

Drugs Offences

Controlled drugs fall into 3 classes, A, B and C depending on the nature of the particular drug. Various offences relate to controlled drugs.


If a person knowingly has a controlled drug in his possession then he is guilty of this offence. He will also be guilty of the offence of possession even if he did not realise this item was a controlled drug, provided he knew he had the item in his possession.

Possession with Intent to Supply

This is the possession of a controlled drug coupled with the intention to pass those drugs onto someone else whether for money or not. If a person is looking after drugs for someone else and intends to give them back then he is guilty of this offence.


This is the actual passing on of drugs to someone else whether for money or not.

Being Concerned in Supply

This is when a person is involved in supply of drugs but may not be the person who had physically handed them over.


This usually relates to the illegal growing of cannabis.


Did you know?

Nationally the number of knife/sharp instrument-related deaths fell from 270 to 252 (7%) in 2008-09 compared with 2007-08 (police recorded crime).