Marines Court Martial – Military Court Centre, Bulford

The firm is instructed in relations to a Royal Marine, who with others is prosecuted for murder of a prisoner, whilst serving in Afghanistan. The trial issues and sentencing decision will have significance for all service personnel facing charges arising from their actions during deployment.

The firm is also instructed in the ancillary Anonymity proceedings relating to defendants, the safety of their families and other deployed personnel which are all issues of Public Interest and are subject to appeal before the Lord Chief Justice.

The experience of this case and the earlier Baha Mousa Inquiry which was concerned with inhumane treatment of prisoners in Iraq (our Nov 2010 Bulletin refers) in which the firm was instructed will be invaluable when assisting military clients who now find themselves prosecuted by the Iraq Historic Abuse Team (IHAT) in what are likely to be lengthy and complex proceedings.

Experts in Military Law

Generally the firm continues to represent personnel from all branches of the services in a width of military and civilian criminal prosecution and is currently assisting in cases within the UK and abroad.

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