Marines Court Martial – Military Court Centre, Bulford

The firm is instructed in relations to a Royal Marine, who with others is prosecuted for murder of a prisoner, whilst serving in Afghanistan. The trial issues and sentencing decision will have significance for all service personnel facing charges arising from their actions during deployment...Read More >

Health and safety/Regulatory

Presently Coomber Rich is instructed in relation to two separate investigations involving deaths in the workplace potentially resulting in criminal prosecution.Read More >

Post Office Horizon System - NOVEMBER UPDATE

The movement to challenge the Horizon System employed by the Post Office and used to support convictions involving numerous Post Office staff continues.Read More >

Post Office Horizon System Challenged

On 8th July the interim report commissioned by the Post Office into the Horizon system was released. While no systemic failure was found, there were a number of problems that gave cause for concern...Read More >

November 2010 Bulletin

Coomber Rich update. General November 2010 bulletin...Read More >

Lifestyle Evidence

It goes without saying that “lifestyle evidence” can be very damaging. There is always a fear that what the prosecution is asking the jury to conclude is that “bling equals crime.”...Read More >

Criminal Conduct Not Charged Can Be Taken Into Account In Sentencing Where It Has Been Relevant To Another Charge And Scrutinised At Trial

The appellant (K) appealed against a sentence imposed following his conviction of doing an act tending or intended to pervert the course of justice...Read More >

Theft From The Person: Meaning Of Vulnerable Victim For The Purposes Of The Sentencing Guideline

The appellant (D), who had pleaded guilty to theft, appealed against his sentence of 18 months' imprisonment. D had stolen a purse from the shoulder bag of the victim (H) when she was on a train...Read More >

Plea To Indictment That Had Never Been Properly Amended Is A Nullity

The appellant (L) appealed against his conviction (after a guilty plea) for causing death by careless driving when unfit through drink, contrary to the Road Traffic Act 1988...Read More >

Affirmation Of Law On A Second Re-Trial

This was an appeal against conviction for murder following jury disagreements at two earlier trials and the dismissal of an application that the third trial should be stayed as an abuse of process...Read More >

Did you know?

45 per cent of all recorded robberies in England and Wales in 2006/07 occurred in London.